Emergence: On The Hunt

Session 1: Unfortunate Events
Monsters, Money Problems, and bad choices; HO!

Outside the walls of Janus, the imperial capitol, Edward and Stark find themselves in a economic situation. Their car broke down at the Red Sparrow mechanic shop and they needed a lot of gold to get the car fixed; money they didn't have. Desperate for money, the party took on a job to investigate the disappearances of several travelers and tourists to the East.

One day into their journey, the party crossed paths with a spring elemental, a calm walking hulk of ice that strolled through the dense pine forest. That was, however, until it was attacked by a goblin warband. Angered, the elemental struck out at the bandits, ignoring the party, as it froze all of the enemies solid. Now left with no enemies and an elemental that left, Edward suggested that they should set up a camp and wait to continue the journey tomorrow. The next day, they made it to the location of the bodies of the travelers. With those bodies was a necromancer who refused to come turn himslef in. Edward and Stark fought the necromancer, eventually killing him and taking his sword. The two then made the journey back to the gas station.

Once they made it back, the party was greeted to the unfortunate sight of his car being under repossession by imperial soldiers. As a extra punishment, the soldiers took the gold payment back Stark's father, who owned the car and gold that Stark "borrowed". Now, out of a car and out of money, the the two find themselves in desperate need for work. This is when, out of nowhere, a unknown nobleman greeted the party and offered them work. In order to get this work done, they would have needed to steal an imperial thermo-drill from a base nearby. The party accepted the gold, and went on their way to steal the drill.

The party infiltrated the imperial outpost, sneaking in to quietly steal the drill. Quietly maneuvering through the outpost, Stark found and stole the drill, then driving it out of the outpost in hopes that they could get away fast. The theft was successful, and the nobleman offered them a ride. 


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