A class clown turned mercenary.


A master of the kazoo, Edward has also gained the ability to summon weapons through means he would not originally be able to access, thanks to his ability to make quick ritual circles of chalk.


Born in the small, imperial town of Elsewhere, Edward was the jester of the town. He always cracked jokes about his obsessions with ladies, trying his best to swoon them into courtship (for fancy terms). His brother, Albany, died in a mining accident where a crate full of razor-sharp shovels fell down and mutilated his skull. Desperate to have power, Edward went to the academy in the imperial capitol to become a Tracker, a master of biological magic. What he could not do in summoning weapons seamlessly he could do in using quickly drawn ritual circles to summon his weapons. Leaving with Sir Stark after a mishap, Edward began a journey to become a great warrior.


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