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"I stared into the sunset as the red sky fell across the horizons of water. We would not have long to pack our things before the barbarians arrived, so I went back to packing. Little did I know of the monstrosity that waited my passage into it's trap."

-The Fisherman and the Merrow


The world of Phovin had grown dark since it has been stitched together. The world was split into only habitable landscapes and kingdoms while the remainder, or majority, of the world was taken by beasts of might and magic, both feral and timid. The world grew into disorder as the the Jovan Empire sought to claim lost land from its rivals, the Barlov Republic. Such began a way of war that spanned hundreds of years.

The war lasted for some time, taking countless lives and waging battles that should not even be reasonable. Now, times are about to change once more with the discovery new automated war machines. Everything is going to change drastically; and a brave group of warriors, whether they want to or not have stuck themselves in a conflict that will shape them for the rest of their lives.

Home Page

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